The Yeh Language

Rough Sketch - Typology & Planned Features

This sketch is light on details, and will serve as an outline of a more detailed description to come.

Word Order

Basic word order is VSO for declarative sentences.

Noun Phrases

Modifier order is: DnAN (demonstrative, noun, adjective, numeral).



Active / stative - fluid s type, where an agentive marker is always applied to the agent of a transitive sentence, and conditionally on the sole argument of an intransitive verb, where the presense of an agentive marker indicates volition.

Head Directionality

Mostly head initial.

Locus of Marking

Mostly head marking


Derivational morphology is primarily agglutinative - high morpheme to word ratio, with each morpheme corresponding to a single syntactic feature.

Planned Features

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